Incorporate SEO while developing website

2 December 2020   |   by admin

A quick checklist to make the website SEO friendly from start of development is listed below

1. Ensure headers are added in every page and there is only one H1 tag in a page.
2. Verify that there is uniformity is usage of fonts and font sizes.
3. Ensure uniformity is usage of color palette

4. Check for hyperlinks between pages and within a page.
5. Check for breaks in links. (See this link for dead links)

6. Images, animations and multimedia resources are optimized.
7. Make sure the images and tables are responsive
8. Adopt responsive theme and page templates
9. Add Alt Attributes for images. This is important for search engine and screen readers.
10. Determine pages that should not be searched by bots and block them from search.
11. Every “href” tag should be properly connected.
12. Add script tag at the end of the html file to ensure the page loads quickly.
13. Don’t add script tag at common place, like header or footer, unless that script is required for every page.