Checklist for creating new website

2 December 2020   |   by admin

You are developer and developing website. Prepare your own checklist and prepare for the great launch. I have listed common steps that could be included in your checklist.
1. Objectives: Define the purpose of the website which should match with the aims and objective of the organization.

2. APP Name: Select appropriate domain name that will also determine the name of the APP or Software.

3. Color Palette: Choose the color palette that will closely describe the objective of the site. Most common palettes are available at  these sites: color-hex, color palettes,  and Adobe.


4. Select proper font family. The font-family property defines a combination of font that is applied to the text. Font family is not a single font face, but a “family”. Examples are: body { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

5. Select template for Logo and and business card.

6. Determine number of pages that will be added to the site.

7. There are some common pages you should never ignore to add in the checklist:
– Blogs
– Terms and Conditions
– Privacy
– Knowledge base and FAQs
– Contact Us
– About Us

8. Consider a content management system that will make update easier – most common are Word Press (see a comprehensive list at Wikipedia site.).

9. Create wireframe for landing page, other pages and common pages.

10. Do you have multiple products, then you can create separate landing page for each product. Decide how many landing pages will be appropriate for users to quickly access your products and services.

11. Design Main landing page, other landing pages and other pages

12. Develop your own theme – light and fast

13. Develop separate CMS template for each landing page, product services pages and other common pages.

14. QA the development of project on daily basis.

15. Consider Agile system for project development.

16. Get approval of client at every stage.

17. Get the final approval for the site launch.