Agile Management in Website Development

2 December 2020   |   by admin

Agile project management can be implemented while developing websites by improving the development, QA and implementation cycle. You can break down the project in small phases and get the output and continuous changes out to the client for approval and moving in to the next phase. I am only presenting the sample phases below:

Phase I
1. Get the design template — wire-frame.

2. Gather media – All the logo, images, video, audio and animations. Make sure that you get the right image and have license to add to your site.
3. Get the right font and weight as per framework.

Phase II

1. Create theme for the wire-frame.
2. Install WP
3. Select proper plugin – every extra plugin will increase loading time of the site

4. Use a plugin only if it is necessary, as each plugin brings its own run time delays and source of external hacking.

Phase III
1. Develop each segment of main landing page

Phase IV
1. Develop other pages

Phase V
1. Develop common pages – Blogs, Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Knowledge-base and FAQs, Contact Us, and About Us

Phase VI
1. Complete integration and sign off